Asthma awareness

Asthma is the most common long-term medical condition in children and young people. There are about two to three pupils with asthma in every classroom. Across the UK, 5.4 million people are receiving treatment for the condition.

In 2021, over eleven-hundred people died of asthma in England and Wales, including nine children. Sadly, two-thirds of asthma-related deaths would have been preventable if patients had better treatment and management of the condition.

Harrow Council and NHS North West London supports #AskAboutAsthma. The campaign will focus on children and young people but is relevant for adults too.

Watch the #AskAboutAsthma video

Asthma Facts

Three people die of asthma attacks in England and Wales every day, two-thirds of these deaths are preventable

  • People without an asthma action plan are four times more likely to end up in hospital for Asthma
  • Poor inhaler technique, not using a preventive inhaler as prescribed and smoking are three of the most common causes of poor asthma control
  • One-third of childhood asthma cases are linked to air pollution, of which busy road traffic is a big factor
  • London has one of the highest rates of children with asthma in Western Europe
  • With good asthma control, children and young people with asthma can compete nationally at sport. There are many examples of famous sports personalities with asthma, such as David Beckham, who prove this point

If you or your child have asthma:

  • Fill in a written asthma action plan with your GP or asthma nurse
  • Ask what triggers the asthma
  • Ensure you or your child know how to use the inhaler or spacer properly
  • Take your preventer inhalers as prescribed – usually every day, even when you don’t have symptoms
  • Go to the GP for an annual asthma review
  • Avoid smoking and second-hand smoking, your GP can help. 
  • See your GP if you are having symptoms more than three times a week or if your sleep is affected because of asthma
  • Get the flu vaccination every year if eligible
  • Ask about your child's school travel plan
  • Sign up to pollution alerts and adjust activity levels accordingly. You can sign up to Air Text.

How to use an inhaler

For more information on how to effectively use inhalers, please visit