The annual public health reports

Annual Public Health Reports

Please find the report for 2022-23 here: Annual Public Health Report 2022-23

Previous Reports

Annual Public Health Report 2021 LET’S GO OUTSIDE: USING NATURE TO RECOVER

Use this link to download the 2021 Let's go outside: Using nature to recover

Sixth Annual Public Health Report (2021)

This report looks at green spaces, to showcase the many opportunities around us and promote a healthier lifestyle. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the past year has been difficult for all of us.  As we look towards recovering from the pandemic, we hope that this report is a push to include green spaces and nature in that recovery process, both in our individual lifestyles and on a larger scale within our local communities.

Fifth Annual Public Health Report (2018)

This is the first report from the new Director of Public Health for Harrow Council. The report is a professional, publically accessible statement about the health of local communities. It is based on sound epidemiological evidence, and interpreted objectively. The 2018 report gives a snapshot of health and wellbeing in each of the wards in Harrow: Harrow ward profiles

Fourth Annual Public Health Report (2016)

This report looks at the issues of childhood poverty in the borough. We know that poverty can have detrimental health consequences that are severe and lifelong. Although Harrow compares well with other boroughs on many indicators, that is not the entire picture. There are some stark differences that make it difficult for some children in Harrow to thrive: A hand up, not a hand out: Child Poverty in Harrow

Third Annual Public Health Report (2015)

This report looks at the issues of loneliness and social isolation and how it affects both out physical and mental wellbeing. It explores:

  • how can we be more aware of these issues when we commission services
  • how everyone can help reduce loneliness
  • how people can help themselves

Building Bridges Reducing Social Isolation and Loneliness

Second Annual Health Report (2014)

This report looks at the public health changes that took place over the Director of Public Health's lifetime: Five Decades of Change in Public Health

First Annual Public Health Report (2013-2014)

This report looked at physical activity from all angles and by all groups in the community. It presented:

  • the best available evidence for being physically active
  • what works to get different groups in the community to become more active
  • what the two councils are doing to help make each borough a more active place

Harrow and Barnet on the Move