Reporting issues on different land types

When you report an issue online such as a fly tip, graffiti or pothole how quickly we deal with the issue may vary depending on the type of land the issue is on.

When making a report online we always endeavour to make you aware of an approximate resolution time.

Public land

For example: public streets, pavements, pathways, alleys and open space.

Public land in this definition is any land in Harrow that comes under the responsibility of the Council but does not include unregistered land.

Usually when you report an issue on this type of land the turnaround time for resolving the issue can be relatively quick.

Private and orphaned land

For example: school land, farmland, private property and land.

Private land is any land in Harrow which is owned by a person or organisation such as a private residence, farmland or company grounds.

Orphaned land is any land in Harrow where an owner cannot be identified or it is unregistered.

We do not have a duty to resolve issues on private land or orphaned land but where a landowner is known or identified then they will be responsible for resolving the issue themselves.

Should the issue remain a concern, our enforcement team shall notify the landowner that they have eight weeks to resolve the issue.

If the issue is still not resolved then we will resolve the issue and invoice the landowner for the work involved.

For orphaned land we will look at possible alternative options for addressing the issue, but resolution is likely to be a much longer process.

If you would like to check the ownership of a piece of land you can visit Land Registry.

Housing land

For example: a residential garden of a council home or estate.

Housing land is land in Harrow that is owned by the local authority such as land that forms part council house or housing estate.

All issues reporting on council housing land are sent to the housing division to investigate and resolve.

Evidence and enforcement

Where evidence may be available of any perpetrators (such as a fly tipper), the report shall be passed onto the enforcement team to investigate further.

Should evidence be found then an enforcement case will be opened and you will be informed that your report has been passed onto the enforcement team for further investigation.