Report a noise issue

We will investigate all complaints about noise issues. Action can only be taken if the noise is considered to be a statutory noise nuisance.

A statutory noise nuisance is when a noise repeats over time that makes it unreasonable.

Reporting a noise issue

To report a noise issue you will be asked to submit a noise diary. A noise diary is a document you keep, detailing the noise(s) disturbing you. It contains entries for the time, description and the effect the noise has had on you.

You will need to maintain a noise diary for two weeks or until it is full (whichever comes first).

Our enforcement team requires that a noise diary is submitted with your report. Only then will they begin investigating the noise complaints.

If a noise complaint is received without a noise diary, you will be reminded to submit one after four weeks. If a noise diary is not submitted two weeks after the reminder, we will close your case.

Before you start

To report a noise nuisance you will need:

  • information about what the noise nuisance is
  • information on the occurrences of the noise such as time patterns
  • to upload your noise diary
  • details of where the noise nuisance is coming from

Report a noise issue

What happens next?

  • For our Community Safety team to take legal action, they will need to experience the noise. If we deem the noise to be a statutory noise nuisance, we can serve an abatement notice. If the noisemaker fails to follow the notice, they may be prosecuted and fined.
  • If we cannot gather enough evidence, you may decide to deal with the matter privately. Some residents may choose to take their case to the Magistrates' Court.

We do not provide an out of hours noise service. One-off issues such as shop alarms or parties cannot be dealt with at night time.

All out of hours noise complaints can be reported online and we will log them the next working day.