Memorial and sponsored benches & trees

Sponsorhips and commemorations

Trees and benches can serve to celebrate and commemorate.

We provide memorial or sponsored trees and benches, which can be placed in our parks, opens spaces and on streets where suitable. You can also add a tribute plaque.


Item Cost
Tree £350
Tree including a personalised plaque £500
Parks memorial bench £860 plus the price of a plaque on application.
Memorial plaque Price on application (depends on the amount of words).

Placing an order

To place an order you will need:

  • the location where you would like the bench or the tree to be placed
  • the type of tree you would like - if requesting a tree
  • the information you would like to put on the plaque


Maintaining benches and trees

Attributed benches and trees are checked monthly by our local parks teams.

If you notice a fault or issue with an attributed bench or tree then let us know and an inspector will take appropriate action. If any issues are found and cannot be fixed at the time, we will fence off the location until the issue is resolved.