Heat loss from buildings

We use thermal imagery to identify heat loss from buildings. In January 2014 Harrow Council undertook a survey at night, with the use of a plane to analyse how much heat is lost from buildings in Harrow. This was to support the loft insulation and other environmental schemes in Harrow.

The information has been analysed to support work in the council and has also been made available to the public.

Please note that the information on the map is from January 2014 and does not take into account any improvements or new buildings since then.

Heat loss from buildings in Harrow

We have created a map to show addresses and buildings in the borough which have above or below average heat loss. This can be useful for determining how well roofs are insulated and if installing insulation would be beneficial.

Interactive map

The thermal Harrow open data application is an interactive map featuring multiple layers.

Thermal Harrow properties zipped shape file

The thermal Harrow properties zipped shape file is for users who have access to ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online or other GIS software. The LiDAR derived polygons represent buildings within the borough of Harrow and also contain thermal values, download: Thermal Harrow properties shape file

View heat loss information from buildings in Harrow

To view heat loss from buildings and properties in Harrow enter a postcode below and click find.