Biodiversity refers to the number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region. And the variability among living organisms on the earth, including the variability within and between species and within and between ecosystems. Biodiversity encompasses the whole variety of life on earth. It includes all species of plants and animals and the ecosystems of which they are part.  

Why is biodiversity important?

Many people enjoy seeing wildlife or value the presence of open spaces, but biodiversity also provides a number of important services that we rely on. In an urban area such as Harrow, biodiversity plays a vital role in:

  • Cleaning our air
  • Reducing the effect of the 'urban heat island' (hot temperatures in summer)
  • Helping to control water run-off and so reduce flooding.

 For more information, and to get involved, you can:

Harrow's Biodiversity Management Plans

What can you do for biodiversity

There are a number of simple steps you can take to help biodiversity in your local area:

  • Become involved with the Harrow Biodiversity Partnership or one of the local groups.
  • Record the wildlife that you see in Harrow
  • Help to make your own garden or local green space more wildlife friendly  

Making spaces wildlife friendly

  • Attract butterflies to your garden by planting nectar bearing flowers. A mixture of flowers attracts more helpful insects and fewer pests
  • Compost your old vegetable peelings to make a rich fertiliser for your soil. If you buy compost, make sure it is peat free to prevent destruction of peat bogs
  • Give birds a helping hand at nesting time (spring) by putting out suitable nesting materials. You could hang small bundles of straw, fine sticks and shredded woollen jumpers close to your feeding station
  • Take part in the London Wildlife Trust's garden survey and let them know what species you have seen in your garden.
  • Build a wildlife pond to provide a home to frogs, toads and newts in your garden

Obstruction of watercourses

To find out about the obstruction of watercourses please download the Harrow's Land Drainage Bylaws document. This document should be consulted when submitting a planning application.