Having an allotment is a cheaper and greener way of growing and eating fresh and organic food. 

An allotment allows you to grow fruit and vegetables free from harmful chemicals which are not genetically modified in any way.

To view allotments in Harrow, see the allotment map.

How much does it cost to rent a plot in an allotment?

We collect rental fees for allotment plots every year.  There are discounted rates for:

  • senior citizens
  • students
  • residents who receiving benefits (for example: Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.)

There is an additional rental fee for access to running water for watering crops and cleaning tools (£3 per pole).

Annual rental fee for a plot:

  • £7.00 per pole
  • £3.50 (discounted rate).

Annual rental fee for access to running water (no discounted rates):

  • £3.50 per pole

What is meant by a pole?

Allotments are measured in poles (sometimes called rods). A pole is a measurement of approximately 5.5 yards or an area measuring 5.5 yards by 5.5 yards.

The size of plot can vary across the allotments in Harrow with most plots being between 5 and 10 poles. 

This means that a 5 pole plot would cost £48 or a 10 pole plot would cost £96 for the year (both including water).


Allotments are the perfect model for recycling. There's no packaging to the crops you produce, and any waste is used to form compost for the following season.

All sorts of things can be recycled on allotments, for example:

  • Green waste from your garden or kitchen, together with newspaper and cardboard, can be composted
  • Plastic bottles can be reused as cloches
  • Cardboard tubes can be reused as plant pots
  • Aluminium foil can be reused to scare birds away from crops.

For more information on our allotment strategy, please download our Allotments strategy 2010-20.

For more information on the rules please download the Allotments rules 2024.

Allotments in Harrow

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