Voluntary and statutory sectors working together

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Council and Voluntary and Community Sector Relationship


This Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between Harrow Council and the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). It defines their shared leadership roles and their specific commitments that will underpin a strong working relationship.

This Memorandum of Understanding is based on the findings of the January 2018 Rocket Science review into Strengthening the Relationship between the VCSE and the Council. It is not intended to be legally binding, but all partners are expected to act in good faith in accordance with this Memorandum.

The partners acknowledge and agree the following:


Harrow should be home to a resourceful and collaborative voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. It will work alongside the public and private sectors to meet local needs and deliver the best outcomes for residents.


  1. We will work in partnership to deliver the best outcomes for residents
  2. We will improve monitoring and evaluation and share data and intelligence. This will help demonstrate impact to funders, residents and partners and develop a shared understanding of need in the borough
  3. There will be early engagement, collaboration and co-production on the design and delivery of the agreed priority areas of need
  4. We will review services in a timely manner to ensure they remain fit for purpose given the changing needs and funding climate. In addition we will take the initiative to innovate and to change things that are not working
  5. We will develop strong and representative infrastructure and engagement, arrangements that provide a unifying voice for each partner and enable issues to be identified and addressed


  1. Co-produce the new vision for adult social care. Resilient Communities seeks to transform models of care by utilising community assets, strengthening local networks, streamlining pathways and giving better access to community resources.
  2. Social Value. Work to increase private sector investment into the community through social value
  3. Community Assets. Making the most of the physical assets. This includes buildings, spaces, and social infrastructure that are available in the borough
  4. External Funding.  A more co-ordinated approach to securing external funding


The Harrow Community Partnership comprises representatives from the VCS infrastructure organisations, the Council and other partners. Its role is to oversee the MoU, identifying routes to progress matters. It may require further joint working between the partners, and be the forum where issues relating to the relationship between the council and the VCS can be aired, discussed and resolved.

Any changes to this Memorandum can be discussed at a meeting of the Harrow Community Partnership and agreed by all partners at any time.

This Memorandum will remain in effect until otherwise determined by the partners.


If you need support please contact:

Capacity building and fundraising support

Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative

Telephone: 020 8861 5894

Community Development

Telephone: 020 8736 6291

Young Harrow Foundation

Harrow Giving