Vitality Profiles

The Harrow Vitality Profiles (HVPs) bring together a range of information about Harrow, its people and their needs in a standard, easy-to-use format.

The profiles were first launched at the Harrow Strategic Partnership summit on the 19th May 2004. 

The 2018/2019 edition of the Harrow Vitality Profiles is now available. This fifth edition contains over 70 indicators which paint a picture of Harrow in considerable detail.

The HVPs feature 11 topic-based sections. Information is presented on a map, with key bullet points and explanatory text.

Where appropriate, a ward bar chart and London and National comparison bar charts are also displayed. Some of the 2011/2013 HVP indicators have not been included this time as they were based on 2011 Census data. 

These will not be updated until after the 2021 Census, so refer to the previous edition for these 'People of Harrow' datasets. 

The latest edition also compares some indicators with information from previous Vitality Profiles reports or previous years when new data is available.

Information is grouped under the following headings:

2018/2019 Harrow Vitality Profiles Ward Summaries

All wards in Harrow

Individual ward summaries

Previous Vitality Profiles