Who is in scrutiny

Scrutiny is comprised of the following

Harrow Scrutiny has a main committee known as the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which is supported by two sub-committees: Performance and Finance Scrutiny Sub-Committee and Health and Social Care Scrutiny Sub-Committee.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee 

Performance and Finance scrutiny sub-committee

Health and Social Care scrutiny sub-committee

Scrutiny Lead Members

The scrutiny function is supported by eight scrutiny lead members who play a critical role in enhancing the scrutiny process.

Scrutiny lead members are required to operate largely self-sufficiently. 

Their role typically encompasses:

  • developing knowledge and expertise becoming champions in specific service areas
  • meeting quarterly with the relevant Corporate Director/Divisional Directors
  • participating in the Scrutiny Leadership Group that meets quarterly and is the custodian of the scrutiny work programme
  • chair scrutiny reviews in their areas, and much more. 

Scrutiny lead members include:





Corporate policy team