Your right to question decisions

You have the right to question executive, portfolio holder or officer decisions before they are implemented. This process is known as a call-in. Potentially your action could lead to a reconsideration of the decision. 

Decisions may only be subject to one call-in. And they must be called in before they are implemented. For this reason it will take five working days for a decision to be implemented after it is publicised.

Once a decision is called in, it is referred to the Call-In Sub-Committee, a sub-committee of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Two ways to call-in

  1. 150 members of the public can call-in a decision of the Executive. Those 150 people must be registered on the electoral roll of the Harrow borough. 
  2. Six members of the council can call-in an executive decision, which has been taken but not implemented.

In relation to Executive decisions on education matters only it is as follows. The number of Members required to call-in the decision shall be six Councillors. Alternatively it can be six persons comprising representatives of the voting co-opted members and at least one political group on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. A co-optee is a non-Councillor appointed to serve on the Committee in a participatory capacity.

Requirement to give reasons

A reason must be given for the call-in, based on one of the following grounds: 

  • inadequate consultation with stakeholders prior to the decision.
  • the absence of adequate evidence on which to base the decision.
  • the decision is contrary to the policy framework, or contrary to, or not wholly in accordance with the budget framework.
  • the action is not proportionate to the desired outcome. 
  • a potential human rights challenge.
  • insufficient consideration of legal and financial advice.

How to call-in

A call-in must be notified to the Director of Legal & Governance Services in writing by completing the call-in form. It must be and returned to Democratic Services online. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

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