Local Government Peer Review

The results are in. Earlier this year we welcomed a Peer review from the Local Government Association (LGA). This review is carried out by officers and councillors from other councils – they looked at and assessed what we do and how we are doing it.

A team of peers spent four days with us in February 2023, speaking to more than140 people including council officers, elected members, and partners at more than 60 meetings.

Our peer review focused on five key areas:

  • The understanding of the local place and priority setting
  • Our organisational and place leadership role
  • Governance arrangements and culture
  • Financial planning and management
  • Our capacity to deliver and improve.

The team were also asked to review our approach to customer experience.

The report highlights what we are doing well, where we are making progress and areas we can do better. The action plan explains how we plan to respond to these recommendations.

Read the report

Read the action plan