Edward Harvist Trust Fund

On behalf of Harrow Council, Harrow Giving is administering Harrow’s share of the Edward Harvist Trust fund on behalf of the Edward Harvist Trust Charity.

Harrow Giving is a local charity that funds small local projects to make a positive difference to the lives of Harrow residents.

Harrow Giving is a trading name of Harrow Community Action (registered charity no.1167770) and is administered by Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative.

A partnership of local organisations have come together to manage this grants process and support the sector.

These organisations are:

Who is eligible?

Eligible organisations can apply for a one-off grant based on the following conditions:

  • The maximum amount of grant you can apply for is £2,000.
  • Priority will be given to organisations using this funding to enable their organisation to adapt and deliver differently during the Covid-19 Crisis.
  • The grants can only be used for either one off revenue or capital costs. (Capital costs are defined as tangible assets that last more than one year and will not normally include items below £100.)
  • The maximum cost per laptop is £500 unless a clear reason why a higher spend is needed.
  • If you are intending to use the grant to purchase items 2 quotes must be included with your application (this can be screen shots)
  • This fund is not able to provide IT equipment to give to clients e.g. we are unable to fund laptops for individual students.
  • Applications must state what the grant requested is for. General contributions towards large capital costs, such as the purchase of a building will not be considered.
  • Your application must promote the objects of the Charity as described on the above.
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Support to complete your application

If you need support with completing the application, please contact: