Accident claims

Motor accident claims

If you believe the council is responsible

If you have suffered damage to your vehicle or a personal injury and you believe the council is responsible, you have the right to make a claim against Harrow Council.

There is no automatic right to compensation and the onus will rest with you to prove your claim.

Make a claim

To submit a motor accident claim, please use the button below.

Submit a motor accident claim

What happens after you submit a claim?

  • We will acknowledge your claim and provide you with a unique claim reference number
  • A report concerning your claim will be requested from the relevant department
  • Once this information is collated your claim will be considered by the council's insurance service

If we decide we are not legally responsible for your accident or loss, we will write to you and provide reasons for our decision. If you are unhappy with the decision and wish to take the matter further, we recommend that you get independent legal advice.

Important notice

The personal data collected in the claim form will be used to process your claim. The data will be held on file by the Finance Division of Harrow Council. All processing will be carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

You must ensure all the information you provide is complete and accurate. The provision of this information does NOT constitute an admission of liability on behalf of the council and there is no automatic right to compensation.

A fraudulent claim will result in the loss of right to claim. It may trigger criminal proceedings.

The council participates in a number of national and local schemes to reduce the cost of fraudulent claims to council tax payers. Information may be shared between council services, insurers, claim handlers, loss adjusters and other agencies.

To knowingly give false information is a criminal offence.

Insurance services

Address: Insurance Service
PO Box 1358

Telephone: 0208 424 1064