Register for council tax

You can register for council tax online. Your bill will be sent to your address within five working days of you completing the registration.


Information you will need to complete the online form

  • the full postal address and postcode of your new property as well as the date you bought your property or started your tenancy there
  • the date you are moving in, if this differs from the above
  • the full name(s) of anyone living in/moving in the property aged 18 or over
  •  if you are the tenant, we will need to know the name and address of your landlord

If you don't receive your bill within five working days, we may have had to look into your registration in more detail.

This can happen if:

  • you ask us to open an account using dates which are too long ago
  • the date you are moving into the property is more than 14 days away

We will contact you if we need more information.

What you can do next

When you have received your bill you can: