Would you like to help vulnerable people in Harrow get the support they need during the coronavirus outbreak?

We appreciate that many of you will want to help others and those most in need in our community.

From donating money to joining an online database of volunteers and checking up on elderly neighbours, there’s plenty we can all do to support those around us at this time.

A database of potential volunteers has been set up by Voluntary Action Harrow. It will be used to inform organisations looking for helpers.

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Donate to the Harrow Coronavirus Community Fund

Local charity Harrow Giving has set up a fund to support frontline organisations working with people affected by coronavirus.

This may be to help with food distribution or to ensure organisations have the capacity and resources to support their most vulnerable clients.

Make a donation

Harrow Giving is a trading name of Harrow Community Action and is administered by Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative.

On behalf of Harrow Council, Harrow Giving is administering Harrow’s share of the Edward Harvist Trust fund on behalf of the Edward Harvist Trust Charity.

Find out more on our Edward Harvist Trust fund page.

Look out for the people around you

Check in on an elderly neighbour; speak with your loved ones, video chat with anyone you know who is self-quarantined to keep them company.

It’s important to find ways to build a sense of community in a time of isolation.

Jobs and other volunteering opportunities

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is evolving daily and it is having an unprecedented impact on our community.

That’s why we need you to help your community during this difficult time, and there are many organisations that need help.

We are working with supermarkets, NHS and other sectors to bring you job opportunities.