Settling into care

When you settle into care you will be allocated a social worker and they will place you with a foster carer. They will inform your new carer about your routines, likes and dislikes and help you settle in. They will also help you to continue to have contact with your family and friends and arrange for you to continue attending your same school, if possible. You will see your social worker on regular basis.

Your social worker will visit you within the first week of you moving into your placement. They will arrange with you a Placement Agreement Meeting and explain Harrow's Pledge for children who are in care.

Your social worker will also arrange for you:

  • a Health Assessment
  • a Personal Educational Plan
  • a Child Looked After Review.

They will also help you access support services so you do not feel alone. The services include: Advocates, Independent Visitors and the Beyond Limits social group.

Independent Reviewing Officer

You will have your own Independent Reviewing Officer who will meet with you to discuss your foster care, and how you and your family will be supported.

For more information about the Independent Reviewing Officer, see the next section.