Identifying a young carer

Young carers might be caring for a parent or other family member, including siblings or grandparents or for someone outside of the family who has care and support needs.

Signs that someone could be a young carer include:

  •     not completing homework, absenteeism, lateness, inability to take part in after school activities
  •     often tired, distracted, withdrawn or anxious
  •     lack of time for play, sports and leisure activities
  •     social isolation - Young carers can feel that no one else can understand their experience
  •     victim of bullying
  •     behavioural problems, including offending and anti-social behaviour
  •     health related issues associated with lifting, such as back pain

Recognising someone as a young carer is not always easy, as their role may be hidden unintentionally or intentionally. Some young people and families identify with the term 'young carer'.

Children's access team

On weekends, bank holidays and between 5pm-9am during the week, the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) social worker is available for emergency assistance: 020 8424 0999. If you have a current case worker, please contact them on their direct dial number as usual.

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