Harrow Acting for Relatives of Offenders

Harrow Acting for Relatives of Offenders (HARO) is a community based group for relatives of offenders.

We aim to provide information, help and advice to support families in their journey.

HARO Group

The group meets every other Tuesday from 3pm-5pm at Hillview Children's Centre in South Harrow. Families can join us for the whole session, or simply drop in for information and advice.

All our interventions will be led by the family's needs and wishes.

The HARO staff work in partnership with other agencies so that families attending the group can also have access to:

  • Health and wellbeing information
  • Children and Families activities
  • Information about training and employment opportunities

HARO also gives families the opportunity to meet other families going through a similar journey.


Telephone: 020 8416 8400

Hillview children’s centre

Address: 2 Grange Road
South Harrow

Telephone: 020 8422 4692