Getting help if you are a young carer

All young people are entitled to a Young Carers Assessment to find out what difficulties they are having, or may have in the future. This is so the council and others can provide help and support.

The support provided will be based on the situation of each young carer and may include:

  • information and advice
  • flexibility, emotional support and other help for Young Carers in their school or college
  • trips, activities and clubs with other Young Carers to spend time together to have fun, make friends and build confidence
  • help for the family to talk to each other about how they feel, what they would like to happen and what they would like to know
  • supporting an Adult Carer to help them cope better with their caring responsibility, so that the Young Carer can reduce the amount of care they provide

What is a Young Carers Assessment?

A Young Carers Assessment is where we will talk to you to find out how you feel about looking after someone and to find out how we can provide help and support. To do this, a family support worker will:

  • ask about the care needs of the person who has a health, or alcohol/drug concern and who helps them, or could help them in the future.
  • ask about the amount, nature and type of care which is or will be provided by the Young Carer.
  • talk to the Young Carer and to key family members (e.g. parent), to find out how they feel, any problems they are having and what they would like to happen.
  • ask the Young Carer, or their parent, if the worker can speak to other people who know them, like their teacher or doctor, or important family and friends, to find out more information.
  • decide what help and support should be provided and discuss this with the Young Carer and their family.
  • give a copy of the assessment to the family to read and keep.

If you would like a Young Carers Assessment please call the children's access team on 0208 901 2690

Other sources of information, advice and support include: