How to make a complaint about your childcare provider

If you are worried that your child is in danger, call 999. If your child is at risk or there is a safeguarding issue, please call golden number 020 8901 2690 and option 1.

If the child is not at risk of danger, and you need to query contracts, fees, or other matters, discuss it with the childcare manager. They should all have a complaints' procedure that they can share with you.

Complaining to Ofsted

If you're concerned about childcare protection, or a standards issue, talk to the childcare provider. If you're not satisfied with the outcome make a complaint to Ofsted.

Ofsted can investigate issues about:

  • the quality of childcare provided by Ofsted registered childcare providers including childminders
  • childcare providers who are not currently registered with Ofsted but require registration

Complain to Ofsted

Ofsted does not deal with issues about your childcare contract. If you need advice about contract disputes you can seek legal advice from Harrow Citizen’s Advice Bureau.