Rateable values and revaluations

Rateable values

Every commercial property has a rateable value determined by the Valuation Office.  The rateable value is a professional view of the annual rent for a property if it were available, vacant and to let on the open market. Rateable values are based on market rents at an earlier valuation date - a date specified by the government.

The law requires that rateable values are re-valued every five years so that the values in the rating list are kept up-to-date. The valuation date for the current rating list is 1 April 2015 which came into effect on 1 April 2017.

Find out the rateable value of a property

You can find out the rateable value of any business premises in a local authority area and see how it compares to other similar premises by postcode via the Valuation Office.

What to do if your rateable value is wrong

 If you believe the rateable value, description or size of the property is wrong you need to appeal to the VOA.

New builds and properties under construction

 If your property is under construction or newly built, it may not have been assessed for local taxation purposes. To ensure this is done contact the Valuation Office.

Propose an alteration to your 2010/17 list assessments for Mazars and Plant nurseries

For 2017 list assessments, please use the check and challenge service and follow the guidance to notify that the check relates to the ‘Woolway v Mazars’ case. Look up a valuation and register for the Check service.

For assessments that were split between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2017 you have until 31 December 2019 to make a proposal. You can download a proposal and view guidance.

If all or part of a property is used as a nursery ground you can request an exemption. Before making a proposal, you can receive advice by telephone - 03000 501 501.