Civil partnerships

Converting your civil partnership to a marriage

You can convert your civil partnership into a marriage. The conversion will not be a marriage ceremony, it is changing an existing legal relationship rather than forming a new one. The fee for the process is £45.

To convert your partnership, you and your partner must:

  • Attend an appointment with a superintendent registrar. It can be at a register office or other approved licensed venue for same-sex marriages.
  • Provide proof of your identity and the original civil partnership registration certificate.
  • Sign a statement to confirm you have not dissolved your civil partnership and that you both wish to convert it to a marriage.

The conversion will be registered online, and a handwritten certificate will be issued.

Partnerships which can be converted into a marriage in England and Wales

You can convert your partnership if it was:

  • Registered in England and Wales.
  • Or, registered overseas in a consulate or armed forces base. The civil partnership must have been registered according to the law of England and Wales.

Partnerships which can't be converted into a marriage in England and Wales

You won't be able to convert your partnership into a marriage in England or Wales if:

  • Your partnership was formed outside of England and Wales. You should seek legal advice to find out the options which are available to you.
  • You are in a legal relationship which is still valid in the country in the which the relationship was formed. You have to be legally free to marry.

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