Apply for Second Adult Rebate

You may be able to claim Second Adult Rebate. To apply, you must share your home with at least one other adult and have reached pension age. Your own income and savings are not taken into account.

The other adult(s) must:

  • not be your spouse or partner
  • not be paying you rent
  • not be liable to pay their own council tax
  • have a low income

Below is a table of Second Adult Rebate values.

Second adult(s) income Amount of rebate

Income Support
Jobseekers Allowance (Income Based) 
Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related) 
Pension Credits

Below £222 per week 15%
Between £222 and £288 per week 7.5%
£288 or more per week  Nil

You cannot receive both Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate. If you qualify for both you will be awarded the one that is best for you. To apply please complete the benefit form.