The Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap is the limit of total benefit that a household can receive.

Your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit will be reduced if the amount you receive in benefits exceeds the limit you are entitled to.

For people living in Harrow the Benefit Cap (effective from 1st April 2023) is:

  • £486.98 a week for couples
  • £486.98 a week for single parents whose children live with them 
  • £326.29 a week for single adults 

To find out if your household will be affected by the Benefit Cap, please use the Benefit Cap calculator.

Help and advice if your benefits are capped

If your benefits have been capped, the information below will help you decide what to do next:

  • Claim working Tax Credits - the Benefit Cap might not be applicable to you. Find out if you or your partner are able to get work, or increase your hours, and make a claim.
  • Money Advice Services - this service provides advice on budgeting, debts or loans. They can also help you to look at your expenses and see whether it's possible to reduce your outgoings. This could help you free up some money to pay for rent.
  • Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment - this may help in the short term to pay your rent, or pay for a deposit or removal expenses to help you move into cheaper accommodation.

Are you finding it difficult to pay rent?

  • If your landlord is a Housing Association, please contact them to discuss your situation.
  • If you have a private landlord, please contact them to discuss your situation.
  • If your landlord is Harrow Council, you can find more information on our Housing Advice page.
  • If you think you are likely to be made homeless, you should let the council know as soon as possible.

Further information is available from the Department of Work and Pensions.