Regaining your independence after hospital

A guide to the Harrow Reablement Service

Reablement is a short and intensive period of home support. It’s offered free of charge to help people recover after a spell in hospital. Harrow’s Reablement Service helps people who are struggling with daily activities to regain their independence. The aim of reablement is to improve the skills and confidence of those leaving hospital and allow them to go on living in their own home.

The help that people receive as part of their reablement is tailored to their needs and specific circumstances. It can be as short as a few days, up to a maximum of six weeks. Support is provided by specially trained reablement workers and may also come in the form of equipment to help with mobility or jobs around the home.

Reablement services can include

  • Practising daily activities, such as cooking and bathing, to help regain skills and confidence
  • Finding new ways to complete daily jobs
  • Equipment or home adaptations, such as a personal alarm or bath rail
  • Support for relatives or carers.

Who is it for?

Reablement can only be provided after an assessment has been completed by a council adult social care worker. Reablement is given to people who:

  • Are Harrow residents aged 18 or over
  • Are returning home after spending time in hospital due to a bout of illness, surgery or a fall
  • Are feeling frail and in need of support to remain in their own home
  • Need to regain skills and confidence after illness or a fall
  • Have been discharged to temporary residential placement, such as one providing a step-down bed, and need help to get back home again.

The information in these pages is also available as a downloadable brochure: A Guide to Harrow Reablement Service


For further information please contact the Harrow Reablement team via the number below:

Telephone: 020 8901 2680