PPE for unpaid carers

Eligible primary care, social care and public sector organisations can sign up to and order new PPE via an online portal free of charge.

This is in line with the Government’s commitment to provide free PPE to meet the needs of the health, social care and public sectors until March 2023, or until Infection Prevention Control guidance is either withdrawn or substantially amended (whichever is sooner). More details on the YouGov website.

What you need to do:

If you are in the following categories and currently receive your PPE from us, then you now need to sign up to the PPE portal by Thursday 31st March 2022:

  • Personal assistant (and/or personal assistant employers)
  • Unpaid carer
  • Provider of extra care, day services, supported living or care homes domiciliary care
  • Rough sleeping service
  • Domestic violence refuge

Sign up to the PPE portal

Other arrangements:

  • If you are working in an education, nursery or childcare setting, separate arrangements with the Department for Education will be made.
  • If you are a new provider who has yet to receive any PPE, email ppe@harrow.gov.uk to confirm your eligibility and to register on the Portal.

Some sectors are already eligible for free PPE via the portal and do not need to register or fill out the form. Instead, you should call the Department of Health and Social Care customer service team on 0800 876 6802.

The team is available from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

These include:

  • GPs
  • CQC registered Adult Social Care Providers (for example, residential/ domiciliary care providers)
  • Pharmacies
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Optometrists
  • Children’s care homes and secure homes
  • All special schools and special post-16 institutes
  • Community drug and alcohol services
  • Residential drug and alcohol services

Do you need help?

Harrow Carers are available to help and support anyone to complete the online registration form.

Please email: info@harrowcarers.org or call: 020 88685224. You can also contact the council at ppe@harrow.gov.uk.

If you need to make an emergency order, you can do so via the customer service line on 0800 876 6802.