Harrow shared lives scheme

The Harrow Shared Lives scheme is looking for ordinary members of the public to do the extraordinary and share their lives with a vulnerable adult.

Adults who live with carers blossom in an environment that:

  • encourages them to have self-confidence and become more independent
  • gives them the message that they matter, they are cared for and they are entitled to be part of a community as well as a family.

Many of the people who use our services would otherwise live in residential settings.

The Harrow Shared Lives scheme places them (with their agreement) in families where they are treated with love, respect and dignity.

The scheme is subject to legislation. This protects adults and provides carers with the tools to guarantee the highest level of care in their homes.


We are interested in applicants from all backgrounds. However, there is a particular need for:

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Before you start

Anyone can apply to be a Shared Lives carer. We are looking for people who have a genuine desire to offer a family setting to a vulnerable person. All you need is to be:

  • aged 18 and over and in good health
  • a resident in the London boroughs of Harrow
  • friendly, reliable, caring and able to respect the rights and dignity of vulnerable adults
  • flexible and capable of getting along with all kinds of people
  • able to provide a reasonably sized spare bedroom (apart from in the case of day services)

All applications will be assessed and approved to ensure that they abide by our equal opportunities policy. All applicants will be DBS checked.

Apply to be a Shared Lives carer

Training and support

For many carers, the greatest reward from the scheme is the satisfaction that it brings. It's a valuable service that enables people to have a better quality of life.

Payment is dependent on several variables. However carers can expect to be paid between £345-£545 per service user on a weekly basis.

Many service users are independent, mobile and do not need high level personal care.

What support and training is available?

We offer training and regular monitoring visits which allow carers to develop skills and knowledge.

Topics covered in training include:

  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding
  • Manual handling
  • Mental capacity
  • Finance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Medication

Policy and Procedures

View the Shared Lives Scheme Policies and Procedures