Contract Monitoring and Market Management

The Council recognises that some of our citizens need support from specialist services. It can include:

  • care home placements
  • respite services
  • supported accommodation due to their disabilities or vulnerability

We ensure financial creditability and compliance checks are conducted on service providers. We aim to provide the teams with the best information.

The teams include

  • Social Care Management Teams
  • Arranging Care
  • Safeguarding
  • Market Management
  • Quality Assurance

This enables safe placements for residents in and outside of Harrow Borough.

Principles of Contact Monitoring

The principles of Contract Monitoring are to make sure all appropriate checks are made. This is for the safety of vulnerable adults who are or will be receiving care.

The Contract Monitoring Team has the following principles:

  • Individuality:  Each service user will be recognised and respected as an individual person. The Contractor should respond to the individual requirements and wishes of its users.
  • Dignity: The dignity and self-respect of service users must always be safeguarded. People who suffer from dementia must be given the same dignity and respect as others.
  • Privacy: Service users must be able to have privacy at times when they need it.
  • Confidentiality: Information provided by service users must be respected, and protected.
  • Normality: The Contractor will offer a pattern of care that is as normal as possible. They will avoid causing stigma or separation from the community.
  • Participation: Service users must be enabled to share in the decision-making and day-to-day running of the home. Service users should be encouraged to contribute their ideas.
  • Social relationships: Staff and other helpers will promote good relationships within the home. They will enable users to share in group activities and feel comfortable in one another’s company.
  • Personal development: Service users must have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and maintain existing skills.
  • Independence: Care practices are encouraged to make service users as independent as possible.
  • Protection: The Contractor must protect Service Users from unnecessary risks. Staff must be aware of signs and circumstances which signal serious concern about a service user’s welfare.
  • Managing difficult behaviour: Staff must be trained to manage violent or anti-social behaviour.
  • Managing risk: Protection from risk must be balanced against the right to independence. Difficult decisions about protection and independence should be acknowledged. They should be shared with the Service User, carers, and the Council. This should be based on a multi-disciplinary assessment or review.

The Contract Monitoring Team will involve all parties through open communication channels. Their reports will cover the outcome of checks made on providers and their suitability to carry out required services.