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Failure in the Housing Directorate Senior Management Team

Meeting: 12/12/2017 - Employees' Consultative Forum (Item 55)

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Report from the Harrow Unison LG Branch.


In speaking to their report, Unison representatives referred to an ACAS case from 2011 in which the Council had been found not to have followed agreed policies and procedures.  They argued that the matters covered in the report suggested that the Council was again failing in this respect and, in particular, that senior managers were being permitted to handle staff grievances in a dismissive and disrespectful way, infringing employees’ rights to a fair hearing.  The Interim Head of HR underlined that it was not appropriate for the Forum to discuss the individual cases which were the basis of the Unison report since these were still live and under investigation.  He reassured the union representatives that the Council would address any learning points arising and, in response to a suggestion from the Chair, he agreed to check relevant training for managers in handling such cases.