Proposals for Belmont school

Harrow is experiencing an increase in demand for special school places.  In Harrow there is provision for pupils with special educational needs in a range of settings including mainstream schools, additionally resourced mainstream school settings, and special schools. Some pupils also attend schools outside of Harrow. Harrow is experiencing a growing and changing population and there is increasing pressure on the current provision for primary pupils with severe and complex special educational needs. A shortfall of local provision increases the costs of placements at provision outside the borough.

To meet the increase in demand for provision for pupils with severe and complex needs, Harrow Council is proposing to establish specialist provision at Belmont School for pupils who have severe and complex learning difficulties and/or autism. This is in accordance with the Strategic Priority 1 in the SEND Strategy to increase provision in Harrow to meet growing need.

The aim of the provision is to develop a clear ethos throughout the whole school that promotes inclusion, high expectations and a commitment to improve outcomes for pupils with severe learning difficulties and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The provision will offer inclusive education and social opportunities, alongside access to specialist intervention from teaching staff and in class support. There will be 12 places at the provision and 4-6 staff.

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Proposed stages for implementation

It is proposed that specialist provision at Belmont for pupils who have severe and complex learning difficulties and/or autism will be made permanent with effect from 1 September 2021.


A consultation was undertaken on the pilot proposals with parents and stakeholders during April and May 2019 seeking the views of residents on proposals to establish a resourced provision at Belmont School.

The comments received were positive and the review conducted by the school demonstrated ongoing support for the provision. 

If you want to tell us about whether you support or reject the proposals, you can submit your comments in writing or email to the school reorganisation team.

Responses were to be submitted by 5pm on 28 May 2021.


Following the publication of the Public Notice, no comments or objections were received, and the Local Authority has made a decision to implement changes in school organisation that will create a permanent ARMS provision at Belmont School.

View the decision reports below: