In-year school admissions

To apply for a school in Harrow you will need to complete a Harrow Common Application Form (CAF). To avoid any errors or delays we advise you to read the guide booklets below before submitting your application:

You can list up to six schools in order of preference. Each school can be added to your list once alone.  Please do not include independent or private schools. The council's admission arrangements alone will be taken into account when allocating places.

Faith schools

To apply for a place at a faith school you will also need to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and send it directly to the school. Faith schools have their own admission arrangements, please read each school’s individual admission arrangements to understand how places are offered. Find out more about faith schools.

When will I be informed of the school I have been offered? 

If a place is available at the school you would like your child to attend, you will be sent a letter offering you a school place. You will need to contact the school to accept the offer within 5 days. If we are unable to offer you a place at one of your preferred schools and you live in Harrow, we will offer you a place at the nearest school with a vacancy.

Waiting lists 

If your child is not offered a place at the school of your first preference, they will be automatically placed on a waiting list. This will be for all the other schools which you ranked at a higher preference than the school where you received an offer. Waiting lists are ranked in the priority given in the admissions arrangements. Places are offered from the waiting lists as they become available throughout the year.

You can check your school waiting list position online.

Applying for a school outside Harrow

If you wish to apply for a school outside of Harrow, you will need to contact the borough the school is located in directly and complete a separate application form. Please use the links below to contact the relevant school: