Travel planning

A travel plan is a strategy for managing the travel generated by your organisation. Travel plans typically include measures to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport.  These are supported with promotions and incentives.Schools and businesses are increasingly developing travel plans to minimise their impact on the environment and to address parking issues.

In addition to helping alleviate parking and congestion issues, travel plans can also bring about many other benefits, including improved health, productivity, road safety and local air quality. More information about travel plans and the planning process can be found on the Transport for London website.

Travel planning for businesses

Businesses in Harrow can access a range of free support and advice in developing their travel plans, however more detailed services may be chargeable. For details call 020 8424 1607 or 020 8424 1640 or email [email protected]


Travel planning

Telephone: 020 8424 1607