Report a roadworks issue

To report a roadworks issue you can complete an online form. If the roadworks are being carried out by a utility company, you can choose to contact them directly.

Some examples of roadwork issues you can report online are:

  • The roadworks have finished, but the equipment remains on the roadside
  • The roadworks have finished, but there are concerns with the quality of work
  • The roadworks are causing an obstruction either by car or by foot
  • The roadworks are causing utility access issues

Report a roadworks issue

How we deal with your roadwork issue reports

We aim to respond to your report within three working days.

A site visit from one of our inspectors will be conducted within 5-7 working days.

View roadworks and planned works in Harrow

For more information about roadworks in Harrow, see our roadworks in Harrow page.

To find out if there are planned roadworks in your area please visit the London Works Website.