Street naming and numbering

After your application is received

After you submit your application we will:

  • acknowledge receipt within five days and confirm if it is consistent with our policy and if not, we will request alternative designations.
  • consult with the emergency services, Royal Mail and any other applicable service. We will then inform you of the outcome within 28 days

There are procedures to ensure there are no duplications or similarities in the local area, including neighbouring boroughs.

This is to avoid potential confusion for the emergency, postal or other services. We consult with the emergency services and the Royal Mail.

Royal Mail adds addresses to their Property Address File (PAF) and produce the postcodes after we have provided them with the information.

Please bear in mind that Royal Mail will add the address as ‘Not Yet Built’ if the property is vacant. You will need to contact us once the property becomes occupied so that we can arrange for Royal Mail to make the address visible on PAF.

Utility companies will not generally provide their services until the address has been formally registered with the Royal Mail.

We therefore advise that you contact us and make your application at the earliest possible stage of development and before any names are marketed.

Please note that any contravention of the street naming and numbering provisions may result in a prosecution under Section 15 of the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939.