Street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering fees

The table below displays the fees to add or change a name of an existing property or address, to the National Land and Property Gazetteer.

Application type Item/Unit Fee
Adding alias/name per property £220.90
Application for numbering property per property £220.90
Application for naming a road   £257.46 plus £36.65 per
Naming or renaming of house, block of flats or commercial unit per block £220.90 for naming of block only
Numbering a new development 1 Plot
2 to 20 Plots
21 to 50 Plots
over 50 Plots
£65.00 per unit
£1287.30 + £25.70 per unit
£2066.40 + £19.40 per unit
Certificate of naming / numbering / historic  documents   £109.80