Canons Park Inquiry

Canons Park Station Car Park Appeal Inquiry

Canons Park Station Car Park, 229 Donnefield Avenue, Harrow, London, HA8 6RL

The public Inquiry is to be held in person and as a virtual event.

In person, the event will be held at:
The Council Chambers
Harrow Civic Centre
Station Road

Access the public inquiry virtually.

Reason for inquiry

Appeal by Catalyst Housing Limited and Transport for London relating to the application to Harrow Council for a redevelopment of existing car park to provide new residential accommodation (Use Class C3) and Sui Generis unit at ground floor and public car park along with associated works.

An inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold the inquiry, intended to run for eight days (until 11th November), opening on the date shown above to decide the appeal. The inquiry will be held in-person at the above address, and will be available online to observe and / or give their views (at the inspector’s discretion) via Microsoft Teams.

Anyone wishing to attend, or give their views on, the inquiry must make it known to the Council’s Appeals Officer who can be contacted using the details above.


Documents relating to the appeal, including the documents and drawings submitted as part of the planning application (P/0858/20) are included within the core documents for the appeal.

It should also be noted, all the core documents are those that will be referred to by both parties during the appeal.