Resident parking permits

Resident parking permit FAQs

How can I find out what CO2 emissions band my vehicle falls in?

You can find out the emissions of your vehicle on the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) website.

Once you find out your vehicle's CO2 emissions or engine capacity you can work out how much your permit will cost on our Resident Parking permit fees page.

When my current permit is up for renewal will you remind me?

When your current or replacement permit is due to expire, we will write to you to remind you that you will need to make a new application.

Please be aware we take no responsibility for postal delays or misdirected mail and it is the holders’ responsibility to both renew and display a valid permit at all times when parked.

I have lost my parking permit

If you have lost your parking permit you can email the team at to request a new one.

When might a Resident Parking permit application be declined?

Resident parking permit applications may be declined if any of the following applies:

  • you live in a permit restricted property
  • you don't live within the boundaries of a CPZ
  • you are applying for a business premises
  • your vehicle exceeds any of the following:
    •  2.08 metres in height
    • and/or 5.50 metres in length or
    • 5 tonnes in weight

If your parking permit application is declined and you have made a payment you will be refunded (excluding a £25 administration fee.)

I am a Blue Badge holder; do I need a Resident Parking permit?

If you have a Blue Badge you do not need a resident's parking permit. Your Blue Badge should be clearly displayed in the vehicle otherwise you may receive a PCN which will not be cancelled.

What is a permit restricted property?

Some addresses are not eligible for resident or visitor permits. This is due to conditions or agreements applied at the time planning permission was approved. 

This normally applies to developments that are intended to be 'car free' or have a low parking provision and are in areas with good access to public transport.

What if I want to park in a CPZ bay immediately after submitting an application?

If you have applied for a resident parking permit to start on the first day of the current month and wish to park somewhere immediately you will need to:

Print the acknowledgement email that you receive from us, which has a tear off temporary permit on the bottom that should be clearly displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard or if you cannot print the email, we add new permits to our system daily at 4pm, so vehicles with permits purchased before 4pm can park the following working day and permits purchased after 4pm can be parked after 2 working days.

Doing the above will allow your vehicle to be parked in a resident parking bay for twenty-one days beginning from the date on the acknowledgement email.

If you have not received your permit after ten days, please contact

I have to use a different vehicle for a few days, what should I do?

If you need to use a vehicle other than the one you have a permit for, please email with the information detailed below.

We will then confirm if you can use the temporary vehicle and how long for.

  • Current permit number
  • Current vehicle details such as make, model, colour and number plate
  • Replacement vehicle details such as make, model, colour and number plate
  • Reason for having the replacement vehicle
  • Length of time the replacement vehicle required for
  • Supporting documentation for example a letter from the insurance company.