A warm welcome at Harrow's Warm Hubs

As winter sets in and temperatures plummet, Harrow residents are guaranteed a safe, warm and inclusive welcome at Harrow’s Warm Hubs.

The Hubs, created by a number of community and faith organisations in the borough, will provide a safe space for residents, including those who may be struggling to heat their homes due to soaring energy prices.

Refreshments will be provided, and residents will be able to come along, not only to stay warm, but to socialise and get tips and advice about keeping safe and well.

Staff will be on hand to signpost people to advice and other support services.

You can find your nearest warm hub at www.harrowgiving.org.uk/warmhubs

With temperatures below freezing, the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) has been activated so that no one is left on the streets irrespective of immigration status. If you witness or suspect that a rough sleeper is bedding down outside, please follow the advice on How to help rough sleepers, so appropriate support can be provided.

Further information and advice on the cost of living, including support to keep warm, is available at Harrow Cost of Living

Published: 15th December 2022