More family homes, reduced building heights and a new Town Hall location revealed in revamped regeneration plans

​​​​​​A rigorous review of all the regeneration schemes on council-owned land has resulted in redesigned plans for Byron Quarter, Peel Road, and Poets Corner.

A more streamlined Town Hall is proposed for Greenhill Way carpark, a new site that could retain car parking,  with the potential to consider other opportunities including leisure, residential and commercial uses.  

Some 89 new homes being built by the council at Grange Farm will be ready for renters and shared ownership from Spring 2023.

The next stages of the estate’s regeneration will now come under the wing of the Harrow Strategic Development Partnership (HSDP), with residents involved in the new-look plans. 

Councillor Marilyn Ashton, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration, said the new proposals emerging from the review would be far more in keeping with what residents had said they wanted to see. She said:

“We have all worked hard to redesign these sites drastically to provide the kind of quality, attractive housing that families want to see. We’ve looked to keep the tallest buildings only where they already exist, and a much more streamlined and cost effective Town Hall which will still be a flagship, with rooms for hire. We still have many hurdles to cross around financial viability, build costs and permissions before any spade goes near the ground, but these plans make me excited for Harrow’s future.”

Cabinet will be asked to consider the Business Plan reports for Byron Quarter and Peel Road in January 2023 and Poets Corner shortly thereafter.

It is expected that a report on the approach to the Town Hall and Greenhill Way site will also be available in early 2023. Final cost plan details on Milton Road should be available for the December Cabinet.

The plans will all have to go through the planning process, and residents will get to have their say when the schemes go out for consultation next year.

Published: 18th November 2022