Keep our community safe: Message from Leader

Cllr Graham Henson said:

"Having gone through a very challenging time, especially over the past few months where we saw our nurses, doctors, and countless health workers supporting our country through this terrible pandemic, it's hard to imagine that the NHS is celebrating its 72nd birthday this weekend. 

"There is no better time to tell them how valued and supported they are in all the wonderful work they do for us all both in Harrow and across the country. 

“On Saturday evening the Civic Centre will be lit up blue in remembrance of all those lost to the coronavirus pandemic, and on Sunday at 5pm I would encourage residents to join in the biggest clap the streets have ever known as the country comes together to applaud the heroes of our NHS.

"The celebrations come at the end of an upsetting week when Harrow was the victim of fake news. You may have seen reports on TV or read articles online alleging that the borough would ‘imminently go into lockdown due to a spike in coronavirus cases’.

"These reports were completely untrue and deeply distressing for many. Harrow is not going into a lockdown as there is no evidence of a spike. This is irresponsible reporting using scaremongering tactics to create fear. 

"We are in regular contact with the NHS and Public Health England and I wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything we can do to stop the spread of this horrible virus.  

"Cases in Harrow continue to fall - in fact we’ve had less than ten cases a week in June which is encouraging - however that’s not an excuse to be complacent. This is a time to be vigilant.

"As lockdown restrictions are eased from Saturday, with many pubs and restaurants reopening, it is more important than ever that we continue to follow government advice to stay protected.

"If you are venturing out for a drink or bite to eat in your local area, I hope you enjoy a safe and fun experience – but I urge you all to protect yourself and others. Stay 2 metres apart from those not in your household where you can, wear a face covering and regularly wash your hands.

"Our businesses are working hard to ensure the safety of customers and staff and we wish them well."


Published: 3rd July 2020