Windrush Day, celebrating Great Britain's DNA


Today we mark Windrush Day, the annual day honouring Britain's Caribbean community.

Message from Cllr Graham Henson, Leader of Harrow Council and Sean Harriss, Chief Executive:

This year we will be celebrating online. It is an important time for us to remember and value the contributions of the Windrush Generation who came to Britain to help rebuild the NHS, transport and public services following the Second World War.

There has never been a greater need to commemorate and celebrate the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush, the people on board and those who followed. The men and women who answered the call to help rebuild Britain did so with optimism, energy and passion.

This celebration comes at a time when the Black Lives Matter campaign has once again rightly highlighted racism and inequality in our society. In Harrow we have worked hard to build a cohesive borough and make it the place where we are all proud to live and work, without fear. We are committed to do more to improve the life chances of black people in our borough and the representation of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in senior positions within the council.

This year we also face the Covid pandemic with many of the men, women and descendants of the Windrush Generation working on the frontline in hospitals, on public transport and in care services helping to save lives and protect those most at risk. It has never been more important to celebrate the Windrush Generation's tremendous contribution to British culture.

If you are holding celebrations of your own, please share your celebratory photos with us on social media using #HarrowWindrush


Published: 22nd June 2020