Opening up and revitalising the High Streets

Following the government’s announcement, from Monday 15 June non essential retail businesses will begin to open.

We are working across all district centres to put in place measures to ensure the safety of the public as premises re-open.

While we want to revitalise our town centre and high streets and support local businesses and traders, safety will be our biggest priority. We want you to support your local high streets and businesses – but do so safely. You still have to maintain social distancing.

Businesses providing personal care, hospitality and leisure will start to return at from 4th July. We are reviewing the arrangements necessary to safely open up our High streets under the social distancing requirements.

We will be looking at schemes which will enhance how we use our streets and pavements to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some of things we’ll look at:

  • Requests from restaurants, cafes and pubs for tables and chairs on the street could be allowed to permit them to open,
  • Segregate and mark out pedestrian through routes from queuing areas for shops and businesses,
  • Engagement with business community to develop and implement measures.
  • Provide necessary support and enforcement to manage pedestrian movement in busy areas.
  • Use of visible signing and messaging to reinforce social distancing requirements to the public.

Proposals in the London Streetspace Programme to increase pedestrian space in High Streets and shopping areas will be coordinated with these activities to maximise the benefits to local businesses and trade. Have your say on the plans.


Published: June 12th 2020