Safety first: Keeping our children safe at home during lockdown

We're all spending a lot more time at home these days due to lockdown restrictions and sadly home is one of the most common places for accidents to happen – particularly for the under-fives.

During Child Safety Week (1- 7 June), Harrow Public Health team is raising awareness of accidents that can happen at home and providing helpful tips to prevent them.

Cllr Christine Robson, Portfolio Holder for Young People and Schools, said: “Safety is very much on everyone’s minds right now because of the virus and the lockdown.

“Parents always have so much to think about but now with families at home all day there are new worries as well as the familiar concerns about accidents at home.

“So the Harrow Public Health team has put together some advice for parents to help keep children safe – because keeping our residents safe is our priority.”


Top tips to prevent accidents

Hot things Hot drinks and hair straighteners or wands – decide where your safe spots are that you can put hot things down out of reach. Your hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it has been made. Look for safe zones in your house where you know your child can’t reach your hot drink.

Cleaning things We’ve never been so clean, but make sure it’s all stored safely away. Bright bottles of cleaning liquid, squidgy washing tablets, shiny packets of painkillers ... small children are curious and want to learn more by putting things in their mouth. Put products away out of reach as soon as you’ve used them.

Road Safety Speed is everything when it comes to a child’s chances of survival. When you are out and about for your daily exercise, keep children close. When driving keep an eye on your speed and keep your phone in the glove compartment so it can’t distract you.

Poisoning: Our hands and homes have never been so clean. But there are concerns that young children stuck at home during lockdown may be at higher risk from an abundance of potentially poisonous things. From sanitiser to surface spray, Paracetamol to pods, the steps to stop poisoning are simple. We share our top tips on keeping children out of harm’s way.

Carbon Monoxide You can't see, smell or taste it but if but if carbon monoxide creeps out from flame burning appliances it can kill children in seconds. Make sure that you have an audible carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your home – ideally one in every room with a fuel-burning appliance.  


The Harrow 0-19 Health visiting team regularly speaks to parents and has lots of advice and information on accident prevention. Call 020 3317 2555 or email [email protected]

We know that home is where most serious accidents happen for under -5s, and even with easing of lockdown home is where many children will be over the coming weeks. Families struggling to cope need simple, practical advice that can help them feel they are at least winning against accidents." Child Accident Prevention Trust.

The CAPT has pulled together lots of free family friendly Safety in lockdown content for anyone who works with families, that is really easy to share. It’s worth taking a moment to register for updates as new campaign downloads and updates are added and to follow CAPT on Facebook for more posts to share with families.

Published: 3rd June 2020