Sick of people making Harrow dirty?

Have your say so we can continue tough action

  • Protection order to keep trouble out of borough
  • £100 fine for urinating, defecating and spitting
  • Have your say and help us make it happen

We want to continue to crack down on filth and anti-social behaviour – and need your help to renew the current protection order.

With the backing of the police, we now need you to help us so that we can continue to issue fines and take immediate enforcement action on anyone caught spitting, urinating or defecating on public land; street drinking; smoking in play areas; failing to pick up dog mess; and ban driving over footpaths. Have your say in the consultation, it ends on Tuesday 23 June.

Cllr Varsha Parmar, cabinet member for environment said:

“Like all our residents and businesses I want to see a clean, safe and trouble-free borough. Sadly there are some individuals intent on making Harrow a dirty and unpleasant place to live and work - and that is totally unacceptable.

“We need your help so that we can keep the protection order in place to continue taking tough action anyone caught destroying our neighbourhoods or causing a nuisance to others.”

The PSPO allows us to act quickly when we see environmental crimes being committed. Breach of a PSPO is an offence for which an offender can be prosecuted and convicted by the Magistrates Court but the legislation allows us to issue fines (Fixed Penalty Notices) as an alternative to taking the matter to court. Not only do PSPOs make it easier for us to take action, but we hope will also make people think twice before acting anti-socially. 

In order to make this happen, we need to check whether you, the people of Harrow, would welcome us being able to act in this way when tackling the issues above – that’s why we’ve designed this survey.

We also want to use it to hear from you about environmental problems in your area, so that we can target the areas of Harrow worse affected.

Published: 27th May 2020