Message from Carole Furlong, Director of Public Health at Harrow Council

I want to thank you all for your patience and co-operation for what has been an unprecedented few weeks for all of us.

By and large, you have responded to the request for social distancing positively – and in doing so you are helping ease pressure off of the NHS and saving lives. That makes you a hero too! So thank you for doing your bit.  

I know there’s a temptation for us to get out into the sunshine now the spring is here - and especially as it is a bank holiday weekend - but we need to continue to follow the rules if we are to continue to reduce the impact of the spread of Covid-19. 

Don’t invite people over for a garden barbeque. Do take a walk or a run once a day for no more than an hour and maintain a distance of at least 2m from everyone else. 

Please don’t sit on benches as they may have been contaminated by the last person who sat there. Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you get home. 

These simple things will help us all to protect the NHS and to save lives.

Published: April 9th 2020