Message from Police Inspector Ed Baildon, of Harrow Safer Neighbourhoods

In these challenging times, we have had to make a few changes to how we police locally.

Our staff need to cross the traditional ward boundaries due to staffing issues but in general we are continuing as usual.

During this period we have seen, like most areas of London, a fall in crime as most of the community are listening to the Government advice and staying at home.

Another happy coincidence of the current climate is that, due to there being less people on the streets, those who are going out to commit crime and harm our community are a lot easier to spot. They can’t hide in the crowd any more.

We have seen a rise in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) calls. Part of the reason for this is that people are at home and therefore more aware of issues in their community. There have also been more calls about people congregating which are also classed as ASB calls.

We have set up additional patrols to deal with areas of concern such as gatherings in contravention of the new legislation. We are also working very closely with partners from the council and fire brigade in dealing with these breaches by individuals and businesses.

With the new legislation, we in the police are very mindful of the strange set of circumstances we as a country are currently facing. We are keen to use Engage, Explain, Encourage with members of the community about abiding by the government guidance and legislation - and will use new powers only when necessary.

We are approaching a number of religious festivals in the coming weeks, with Passover and Easter closely followed at the end of the month with Ramadan. I ask that everyone follows the PHE advice and communicates with their places of worship in how they can remotely join in with events from at home.

Please follow the PHE advice: Stay at home and help to save lives.

Published: 3rd April 2020