COVID-19: Message from Simon Ovens, Deputy Lieutenant for Harrow

Message from Simon Ovens, HM the Queen’s Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Harrow

"Throughout our history our nation has dealt with many troubles. Each time our people have come together to support one another and stand firm.

"This current crisis is different from any of the others we have faced. It means we will have to do things very differently for a while and respond to the directions of the Government, the emergency services and the extraordinary National Health Service.

"Many of you will be key workers; saving lives, ensuring we are feed and keeping us safe. I wish to pay tribute to all these people, because of whom we will get through this.

"But they cannot achieve this alone. As individuals we all have a part to play.

"In her recent message to the nation, HM The Queen spoke of us combining our efforts for the common goal. By following the rules of staying home and keeping your distance from people you will be doing just this. This is for everyone’s good and will save lives.

"Her Majesty has told us the She and her family are ready to play their part. I, as Her Representative Deputy Lieutenant in Harrow promise to play my part too.

"I will shortly be holding talks with His Worship The Mayor of Harrow to see what more we can do to support and promote our incredible religious, civic and charitable organisations. We have you all in the forefront of our minds.

"My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you all.

Simon Ovens DL


Published: 27th March 2020