Coronavirus (COVID-19): Statement from the leader

A statement from the leader

Leader of the council, Cllr Graham Henson:

"With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) I know many of you will be concerned about what this means for you, and the impact it may have on the services we provide for you.

"As a council we are taking every possible step to prepare for what will be a difficult and challenging time ahead. The outbreak will significantly impact services, and we will have to re-prioritise the way we operate to ensure essential services continue.

"Our priority is to ensure that the council targets the resources it has to help those most at risk in our communities and to continue delivering vital front line services in the coming weeks – and months. We are working closely with our partners, GPs, community leaders, businesses and the voluntary sector to ensure the most in need are supported in the best way possible.

"I understand that some of you may need extra support and it’s important that everyone knows where to find this. The government is putting a number of measures in place - including financial support. We’ll share these with you as soon as they become available.

"During this difficult time, I urge everyone to remain calm and follow the self-isolating and social distancing advice that is being given by NHS and Public Health England. It’s also important that we look out for our friends and neighbours – please give a helping hand where it’s needed.

"A special COVID-19 webpage has been set up and will be updated regularly.

"Please stay safe and take all necessary precautions to do so."

Published: 18th March 2020